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Hands-On Labs

Azure Cosmos DB deep-dive labs

Access hands-on labs and slides to run your own workshop

Azure Cosmos DB Scenario Based Demos and Labs (IoT and Retail)

This lab highlights the role of Azure services in building IoT and Retail scenarios with a common architecture that centers around Azure Cosmos DB.

Microsoft Cloud Workshop - Azure Cosmos DB real-time advanced analytics

This lab highlights the role of Azure services, including Azure Cosmos DB, in a building a real-time fraud detection system.


The Azure Cosmos DB Engineering team will use below slides when delivering a 1 day deep-dive workshop


High-level slides covering product overview and common use case patterns

Resource Model

Overview of Azure Cosmos DB accounts, databases, and containers

Request Units & Billing

Azure Cosmos DB pricing model, request units (RU's), and best practices for estimating total cost of ownership

Data Modeling

Best practices for modeling data in Azure Cosmos DB. Indexing slides are included here.


Best practices for partitioning data including examples


An introduction to the query features available in the Core (SQL) API

Change Feed

Common change feed design patterns and best practices for implementation

For additional slides, please view our workshop content repository.

Typical Workshop Schedules

Azure Cosmos DB Deep-Dive

An overview of Azure Cosmos DB and best practices
Topic Duration
Overview & Common Use Cases 30 min
Resource Model 15 min
Request Units & Billing 45 min
Data Modeling 45 min
Partitioning 30 min
Lab 1 - Creating a container in Azure Cosmos DB 30 min
Lab 2 - Importing Data into Azure Cosmos DB with Azure Data Factory 30 min
SQL API Query 15 min
Lab 5 - Building a .NET Console App on Azure Cosmos DB 30 min
Change Feed 45 min
Lab 8 - Intro to Azure Cosmos DB Change Feed 60 min
Troubleshooting 45 min
Lab 9 - Troubleshooting Performance in Azure Cosmos DB 60 min

Azure Cosmos DB Scenario Workshops (IoT or Retail)

Deliver end-to-end, event-driven solution using Azure Functions, Azure IoT Hub, and Stream Analytics with visualizations in Azure Web Apps and Power BI
Topic Duration
Introduction and Solution Overview 60 min
Hands-On Scenario-Based Labs approx. 5-6 hours
1:1 whiteboard design session with Azure technical experts to discuss and review your real-time apps 60 min 1:1 sessions throughout the day
Key Takeaways and Recap 60 min

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